“....Smith’s nonwoven textile images offer with an open hand a world she knows intimately.  But it would be an error to confuse their direct beauty with naivete, for instead she has the kind of hard-won simplicity that can only be achieved through years of paring down experience to its essentials.  That kind of simplicity is synonymous with mastery.”


From Seeing by the Sea, an essay by Roger Manley, Director, Gregg Museum of Art & Design, North Carolina State University in Pull of the Moon catalog 2011.


“Smith skillfully transports you from one horizon to the next.  As you look closely, the layering fills the works with movement.  There is never any doubt that the earth is shifting and the paintings vibrate with energy.  Waves crashing, rivers moving and vegetation swaying.  Whatever the subject, Smith is always investigating what we can learn from nature.  She has surrounded herself with the natural world.  Patricia Malarcher, editor of the Journal, Surface Design, aptly describes Smith’s work as “walking into weather.” ”


From Pull of the Moon essay by the late Lynn Jones Ennis, Associate Director and Curator of the Collection, Gregg Museum of Art & Design, 2011